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Edda Ferd Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), Norway

Edda Ferd is the latest platform supply vessel (PSV) to be commissioned into the fleet of Ostensjo Rederi in October 2013. The vessel was earlier launched in October 2012. It is being constructed by Astilleros Gondan at its Figueras facilities in Spain.

The vessel is being constructed as part of the Mindset (Marine Industry Superior Environmental Thinking) programme launched by Ostensjo Rederi in 2011. The programme primarily aims to reduce the environmental footprint on the company’s business activities.

The vessel, when delivered, will be the most environmentally-friendly PSV in the world, using 25% to 30% less energy compared to other conventional PSVs.

The vessel is designed to operate in the North Sea. It will serve Shell UK in offshore operations in the North Sea for a period of five years, as part of its first contract.

The vessel won the Offshore Support Journal (OSJ) Environmental Award in 2013 and was also nominated for the Next Generation Ship Award at the Opening Conference of Nor-Shipping in 2013.

Skipsteknisk provided the design of the vessel. Carl J. Amundsen Consulting Marine Engineers and Naval Architects is also involved in the project.

A new propulsion concept for the vessel was used by the owner in collaboration with Siemens, incorporating the latter’s BLUEDRIVE PlusC system for fuel efficiency.

Edda Ferd details and deck equipment

The PSV will measure 92.6m in length, have a moulded breadth of 20.6m, a depth of nine metres and a draft of 7.4m. The vessel will have deadweight tonnage capacity of 5,122t, gross tonnage capacity of 4,850t and net tonnage capacity of 1,200t. The cargo deck of the vessel will have a loading capacity of 1,038m².

Edda Ferd will be equipped with two anchor chains, one main anchor mooring winch with a lifting capacity of 15.5t, two forward mooring winches with a lifting capacity of 16t each, two aft winches with a capacity of 10t each and two tugger winches with a capacity of 15t each.

The vessel’s deck will further feature a MacGregor SWL1 crane with a capacity of 1.5t at an outreach of eight metres and a MacGregor SWL crane, with a capacity of three tonnes at an outreach of ten metres.

PSV tank capacities and discharge rates

Edda Ferd will be equipped with two chemical tanks and four special product tanks with a combined capacity of 1,100m³. The other tanks aboard the PSV will have a capacity of carrying 1,000m³ of potable water, 1,500m³ of ballast water, slop tank with a capacity of 24.3m³ including 5.5m³ of LFL, 883m³ of mud, 1,215m³ of brine, 702m³ of base oil, 440m³ of methanol, 720m³ of LFL, 720m³ of drill cuttings and 30m³ of grey water, plus four bulk cement tanks with a capacity of 260m³.

The vessel will be fitted with two fuel discharge pumps with a discharge rate of 150m³ per hour. Brine, liquid mud and special products will be discharged at a rate of 100m³ per hour using six pumps. Drill water and fresh water will be discharged at a rate of 250m³ per hour using two pumps, methanol will be discharged at a rate of 75m³ per hour using two pumps and slop will be discharged at a rate of 20m³ per hour using one pump.

The PSV will be further equipped with a tank washing system with a discharge rate of 30m³ per hour, and five discharge piping systems.

Edda Ferd accommodation and life saving facilities

The PSV will have a capacity to accommodate more than 40 people in 18 single cabins and 11 double cabins. Facilities onboard the vessel will include a hospital, two offices, dayrooms, a conference room, a mess room, a gymnasium, a galley and a freezing room. The accommodation facilities will be fully ventilated and provided with air conditioning.

The vessel will provide lifesaving facilities for 40 people. It will be equipped with six liferafts with a capacity of 25 people each and an Alusafe 770 Mk2 rescue boat. Firefighting facilities onboard the PSV will include water, a foam pump and monitors on the cargo deck area.

PSV navigation and communication equipment

Navigation equipment will include one Furuno FCR-2827 ARPA radar, one Furuno FAR-2837 ARPA radar, two TECDIS electronic chart systems, three Simrad Gyro GC 80 compasses, one Simrad AP-70 autopilot, a Furuno FE-700 echo sounder, a Furuno NX-700B Navtex receiver, a Furuno GP-150 differential global positioning system (DGPS), a Furuno FA-150 automatic identification system (AIS), a Furuno VR-3000 voyage data recorder, a Sailor 6130 LRIT and a Furuno DS-80 Log.

Communication equipment aboard the PSV will include one Furuno FS-1575 GMDSS Radio MF/HF Transceivers & DSC, two GMDSS Furuno FM-8900 VHFs, three GMDSS Jotron TR-20 portable VHFs and three Sailor 6248 VHFs, one Jotron 40 S Mk2 GMDSS emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB), one Jotron 45 S Mk2 EPIRB and two Kannad SARTII GMDSS Search and Rescue Radar Transponders (SART).

The vessel’s communication equipment will further include six Motorola GM-360 UHF radios, six Motorola GP-340 ATEX UHF radios, an Inmarsat satellite system, an Iridium satellite system and GSM mobile telephones.

Edda Ferd PSV’s propulsion and machinery

The propulsion system of the vessel will be a battery hybrid power station with two Voith Schneider Propellers (VHP) of 2,700kW each and two AC asynchronous water-cooled motors of 2,700kW each.

The main engines will comprise of two MAK 6M25C engines, with a power output of 2,000kW each and two MAK 9M25C with a power output of 3,000kW each.

The PSV will feature auxiliary Siemens electric generators integrating its patented BLUEDRIVE PlusC system. It will comprise of two generators with a power output of 2,222kW each and two generators with a power capacity of 3,333kW each. A Caterpillar emergency generator with a capacity of 158kW will also be integrated into the vessel’s machinery.

Edda Ferd will also be fitted with two electric driven low noise tunnel thrusters with a power capacity of 1,400kW each and one rim driven tunnel thruster with a power output of 800kW. The environmentally-friendly PSV will be capable of sailing at a speed of about 16kt.

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