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Increasing Need for Engine Care Tools in South America

Recently, Chris-Marine & IOP Marine secured another large order for a huge power plant company in South America with overhaul and maintenance tools for two of their service workshops, who manage six different four-stroke diesel engines.

This order is one of the largest in the company’s history, but no longer a seldom seen sight. In 2015, Chris-Marine & IOP Marine has received several orders from the South American continent, and thereby cemented our position as the key provider of both engine care tools and training in Latin America.

It is noteworthy, that once again the customer not only has a need for separate machines, but relies on our expertise in setting up a complete workshop as well as conducting training in the appropriate use and maintenance actions.

The complete Chris-Marine & IOP Marine workshop set-up includes the large ultrasonic washing tank, grinding machines for valve seats and spindles, the new automatic honing machine as well as fuel injector and pump testing equipment.

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