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Metro-North Railroad to develop new track inspection vehicle

MTA Metro-North Railroad in New York has decided to enter a contract with US-based engineering company Ensco to design, build, and deliver an advanced track-inspection vehicle.

It will be equipped with laser, optical, and inertial sensor systems, which would help it to assess the condition of rail and track infrastructure, warning Metro-North of any irregularity.

Known as the Track Geometry Vehicle, the new inspection car will be powered by diesel and equipped with modern machinery, specially designed by Ensco.

Metro-North Railroad’s president Joseph Giulietti said: “This vehicle will further enhance our efforts to identify any potential track problems so they can be repaired before becoming safety issues and affecting service.

“This cutting-edge vehicle will significantly contribute to Metro-North’s intense focus on ensuring customer safety.”

“The MTA’s Blue Ribbon Panel the Federal Railroad Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board determined that the acquisition of a Track Geometry Vehicle would enable Metro-North to improve track inspections.

The machinery can be used to measure track geometry, gauge, cross-level, alignment, surface, twist, speed, and warp (a comparative measure of rail-to-rail profile over a given distance) at one-foot intervals to regulatory standards.

Metro-North Railroad’s engineering vice president Glen Hayden said: “The Track Geometry Vehicle now gives Metro-North in-house inspection capability. The railroad can examine track and make necessary repairs with greater speed and efficiency, resulting in cost savings.”

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