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SITA launches latest technologies across five major aviation-related areas

SITA has launched a number of community innovation demos at this year’s Air Transport IT Summit.

The company aims to deliver new solutions for major challenges in the air transport industry.

The demos covered five focus areas, including the facilitation of International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) New Distribution Capability (NDC); industry-wide disruption warning technology; baggage tracking capabilities to meet IATA’s Resolution 753; cyber-security; and identity management.

SITA showcased its WorldTracer Ground Delivery Baggage Tracking App, which allows airlines to track delayed bags, and Travel Identity of the Future, a new approach to identity management that ensures secure and fast passenger flow through airports.

The company announced seven new member benefits, in addition to the nine made available last year.

The offers comprise free trials and favourable terms for services, including SITA’s Mobile Boarding Pass API, its latest baggage services BagConnect, and the WorldTracer Tablet.

Members will also receive free consultancy services, Horizon solutions, and preferential terms for SITATEXT Online and the new Message Intelligence Archive.

“These exclusive offers will allow our members to quickly evaluate and adopt new and efficient technologies across the air transport industry.”

SITA Council president Jappe Blaauw said: “SITA is a member-driven organisation and these offers are designed to offer value and support in the areas that we know our 400 plus members are interested such as improved baggage management, driving the adoption of mobile self-service and taking advantage of cloud services.

SITA aims to provide passengers with a biometric authentication token for travelling through airports and across borders, without the need for several documents.

Along with its partners Orange Business Services and Adaptive Channel, SITA has developed new EntertainMe kiosks that are deployed at Terminal Five of London Heathrow Airport.

The kiosks will allow travellers to quickly download movies, magazines and newspapers on their iPhones or iPads to watch during their journey.

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