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Parsons provides technical advisory services for Metrolinx’s ETCCS project

The programme aims to modernise the GO Transit rail network in order to allow electrified trains to operate at a 15-minute frequency in both directions throughout the day across Ontario’s Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

Metrolinx’s comprehensive GO Transit expansion programme is expected to involve the delivery of $13.5bn in capital projects and a further $7bn in repair works.

Parsons Group president Mike Johnson said: “We welcome this opportunity to continue our long-standing relationship with Metrolinx, helping them advance the quality of life for all GTHA residents and visitors.

“Parsons has extensive enhanced train control experience, and this technology increases both operational capacity and safety.”

As a technical advisor, Parsons will provide design services, procurement support, system engineering, system integration and migration management, as well as testing and commissioning services.

The GO Transit network covers an area of more than 4,000 km2, serving around 200,000 commuters daily across 40 municipalities.

Metrolinx intends to upgrade southern Ontario’s GO Train system with the construction of new stations, introduction of 25kV electrification and the improvement of  system capacity as part of the GO expansion component of its Regional Transportation Plan.

The modernisation development will also see the replacement of diesel locomotives with electrified locomotives, the immunisation of its existing fixed-block signalling system to the 25kV traction power supply system and the installation of Enhanced Train Control (ETC) on its train fleet and rail corridor.

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