The KAIA development plan has been designed to significantly increase the airport’s annual passenger handling capacity.

In addition, the airport’s wireless system will be based on the European TETRA digital radio communications standard, which is said to be the field-proven standard for full-mission critical voice and data communications worldwide.

This latest solution will enable KAIA to ensure a continuous passenger security and safety by providing professional mobile radio communications, in a special customised frequency band, to a large number of operational users from various airport sectors.

As part of the project, Leonardo will incorporate the entire Adaptanet TETRA internet protocol (IP) solution in a short, challenging timeframe at the beginning of next year.

The project will include the integration of a TETRA core network, gateways to other telecommunication systems, radio base stations, and a subscriber radio fleet based on the company’s new ruggedised handsets and mobile terminals.

The company will also be responsible for delivering installation support, testing, and final hand-over to GACA.