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Mitsubishi to supply prototype traction transformers to SNCF

The transformers will be installed in the Z2N commuter train and T4 tram-trains, both of which operate in Paris and its suburbs.

Under the contract, the traction transformers for the Z2N and T4 will be delivered in February and December next year.

Manufactured with aluminium winding cables, the new prototype traction transformer for Z2N weighs 400kg less than the commuter train’s existing equipment and is said to offer same conversion efficiency.

The identical interface design of the transformer will enable SNCF to install it without any modifications to the railcar.

For T4, natural running air cooling type traction transformer will be installed on the car roof, eliminating the need for the electric cooling fan as well as leading to a decrease in operating noises.

The installation of the new traction system is also expected to reduce electricity loss and maintenance costs.

The equipment will be provided with fully hermetic constant-pressure bellows seals as a replacement of insulator oil. It will remain in a sealed system and will not deteriorate with time.

The transformers will initially be installed for one year during which their individual performances will be evaluated.

Subject to their satisfactory conduct, SNCF is expected to issue mass-production orders to Mitsubishi.

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