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Victoria launches new digital dashboard to provide road information

The dashboard can be accessed on the VicRoads website and will provide the latest information on road upgrades, pot-hole repairs and other maintenance efforts.

Victoria’s new plan of action is based on the feedback from 11,000 citizens of the province, 700 stakeholders and 30 councils.

A new international star rating tool is planned to be launched, starting with the 20 most dangerous country roads to inform about future safety investments.

Gradually, the number of roads in the domain will be increased.

Victoria Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan: “We’ve doubled spending on road maintenance since coming to office and this massive overhaul of the way VicRoads does business will make sure country communities get the road work they need.”

“We’re investing more than ever before to modernise the state’s road network, keep people informed and keep people safe.”

In the feedback, the Victorians also stated that they need more transparency about road conditions and the maintenance work that VicRoads is undertaking.

Commenting on the initiative, VicRoads chief executive John Merritt said: “Country Roads sums up what VicRoads heard and saw across country Victoria – it sets out a bold plan of action to rebuild our regional road network to support a new era of regional prosperity.

“People have told us loud and clear: fix the roads that need fixing because they are our lifelines – and that is exactly what we’ll do.”

This year, nearly 850km of roads in regional Victoria were renovated under a A$260m ($198m) maintenance programme of the current government.


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