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FAA and EU to amend aviation safety agreements

The Aviation Safety Agreement amendment will allow the FAA and the EU to go ahead with shared acceptance of flight simulator training devices and pilot licensing approvals.
It will also facilitate future collaboration in aircraft operations and air traffic safety oversight.
FAA noted that the agreement aims to avoid duplication and use resources so that areas with higher risks to aviation safety can be allocated the available resources.
This expanded safety cooperation will streamline procedures and reduce costs for the government and the flying public.
FAA administrator Michael Huerta said: “Our collaboration remains vitally important for the safe and efficient movement of passengers and cargo on both sides of the Atlantic.
“Today’s signing continues a deep commitment to cooperation and harmonisation shared by America and the EU.”
The complete cycle of ATM modernisation from development to deployment is covered by the agreement. This includes harmonising air traffic technologies and standards and procedures between FAA’s NextGen and EU’s SESAR modernisation programmes.
European Commission Mobility and Transport director-general Henrik Hololei said: “The broadened scope of the two agreements we signed today confirms the strong commitment to continue to work together for the future of aviation safety, always the highest priority in our aviation agenda.”
US-EU collaboration in ATM modernisation will be strengthened by the second amendment.

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