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Future cars can spot potholes on road, says Highways England

The future intelligent network is expected to improve safety, as well as facilitate a road maintenance programme.

The ‘Strategic Road Network Initial Report’ focuses on the importance of proper maintenance of the existing roads causing minimal disruption to users and local communities.

Highways England chief executive Jim O’Sullivan said: “We are delivering a record £15bn of government investment to give people safe, efficient and reliable journeys, and provide businesses with the links they need to prosper and grow.

“Because people’s journeys are important to us we are setting out our high level aspirations which will help ensure the network continues to drive economic growth, jobs and prosperity, and keeps traffic moving today, and into the future.”

Following its establishment in 2015, Highways England has completed 18 major road improvements, while 15 such projects are currently underway.

The report will be used to plan the government’s next road investment strategy that is scheduled to begin in 2020.

UK Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: “We are planning to spend more than ever before to upgrade England’s motorways and major A roads from 2020 through to 2025.”

The Department for Transport also launched its consultation into Highways England’s Initial Report that outlines eight aspirations for the next road period.

The consultation period will end on 7 February next year.

Based on the final results, the next Road Investment Strategy will be released, which is expected to be published by the government in 2019.

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