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Kelso outfits Ford F150 production prototype with ASCS technology

ASCS is a suspension methodology that increases safety and operational capabilities of the vehicles.

The prototype features patents that are suspension related and designed to provide heavy duty performance capability in rugged outback terrains and standard road conditions.

Kelso is currently devising the business infrastructure and plans for the ASCS project.

Kelso Technologies CEO James Bond said: “Our ASCS programme is a key opportunity for Kelso to expand its brand in new non-railroad related markets.

“Many areas around the world such as Africa, Australia, Middle East and North America require high-performance outback suspension technology.”

The new technology is said to offer significant improvement over the existing technologies currently used in commercial combined road-no-road vehicles.

Equipped with automated gyroscopic controlled air suspension, ASCS manages centre-of-gravity of the vehicle to ensure stability when driving in difficult rugged outback terrains such as flooded areas.

The technology can be used on vehicles operating in the desert, mountain, snow and low lying water regions worldwide.

Kelso’s ASCS division will operate under its wholly owned subsidiary KIQ X Industries in Canada.

All ASCS equipment will be marketed under the trade name Kelso KIQ X Gear.

The company expects to fulfil all requirements of commercial production, including sub-contracted facilities and equipment, supply chain and engineering by February next year.

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