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Heathrow Airport to launch public consultation on third runway

The consultation process will also seek public opinion regarding airport design, and managing the airspace around Heathrow, as well as reconfiguring the M25 for the new runway.

The consultation will affect aspects of the project such as phasing construction of the new terminal to help meet affordability and keep airport charges close to current levels.

It will also consider whether flights should be concentrated over a single area or spread out over several areas. The consultation process will last ten weeks and is due to start on 17 January.

The airport said it would not compromise on its promise to property owners whose homes will be demolished due to the expansion. Heathrow will pay homeowners full market value, as well as an additional 25% for home losses, along with providing stamp duty, legal fees, and moving costs.

Additionally, the airport will have a six and a half hour ban on scheduled flights during the night and promise to only release new capacity flights if strict air quality limits could be met.

The planned consultation is the latest expansion milestone for Heathrow. The expansion will keep the airport on schedule to provide the robust infrastructure the UK will need to succeed after the country leaves the European Union.

Heathrow executive director for expansion Emma Gilthorpe said: “Expanding Heathrow is pivotal to Britain’s future prosperity and it’s a chance to make the airport a better neighbour for our local communities. Over the past year, we’ve been working hard to evolve our expansion plans and have come up with several new options to deliver it more responsibly and affordably.

“Next January, we’ll be sharing these options in a ten-week public planning consultation and we want to hear what you think. By working together throughout the consultation, the public can help shape our plans and, jointly, we can ensure that expansion delivers for our passengers, businesses across Britain and importantly for our local communities.”

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