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TSA hang luggage screening procedures at Nashville airport

Passengers in standard lanes are required to place all electronic items larger than a cell phone in bins for X-ray screening.

The new screening procedures are part of a strategy to ensure the security of airline passengers at US airports. They will be phased in by the TSA.

In May last year, the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority said it plans to install two new screening lanes to the existing ten lanes.

TSA officers will start asking travellers to remove electronics larger than a cell phone from their hand luggage and place them in their own bin.

This will allow TSA officers to obtain a clearer X-ray image. The procedure is similar to how laptops are screened.

Passengers are urged to organise their hand luggage to ease the screening process and keep queues moving.

Travellers can bring food and liquid items that comply with the 3-1-1 liquids rule through the checkpoint. Electronics and books continue to be allowed in hand luggage.

The new security measures are not applicable to passengers enrolled in TSA PreCheck.

According to BNA Vision, the security checkpoints are expected to increase to 20 lanes by 2023. BNA Vision is the airport’s ongoing growth and expansion plan.

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