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Houston Airports launches emergency command vehicle

The vehicle is fitted with modern technology that can help it to perform many crucial functions.

The technology can manage the communication side of operations for the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, William P Hobby Airport and Ellington Airport / Houston Spaceport, which are managed by Houston Airports.

The high-tech vehicle can house seven workstations and features a 48-foot boom with a high-definition camera connected to four external cameras.

It has radio, Wi-Fi, cellular and satellite connection capabilities onboard, in addition to backup generators.

It can be used as a backup communication centre for the airport system in case any of the main communication channels are compromised.

The vehicle enables operators to share information with state and local agencies to provide emergency aid.

Houston Airport System Safety and Emergency Management Division emergency management coordinator Frank Ciaccio said: “In the event of an aircraft incident or an active shooter situation, this vehicle would be one of the primary vehicles that would be staged close to the incident site.

“Previously, we didn’t have a place where everyone could be at one time in the event of an emergency. We had people on different channels and different frequencies. Through this vehicle, everyone can come together in a more unified command.”

The incident command vehicle has been fully customised to meet the specific requirements of all three airports. It is owned and operated by the Houston Airports.

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