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Nautic Alert unveils new solution to control water discharge in vessels

Market Spectrum’s Nautic Alert has launched a new system that allows operators to plan, manage and control the discharge of untreated bilge water on-board commercial vessels as a part of an internet of things (IoT) marine solution.

Commercial ships require oily water separation systems to properly discharge water, however many vessels currently store the untreated fluid in their bilge and release it during port stops.

The new Nautic Alert X2 solution is intended to enable vessel personnel to monitor the amount of untreated bilge water in real-time, either on-board or remotely, and identify the exact water level in the bilge compartment, as well as changes in the level over time.

The solution utilises Nautic Alert Nevata’s SMART bilge pump controller technology, allowing personnel to disable discharge or redirect the untreated bilge water into an onboard oily waste holding tank in situations when discharge is not allowed.

Vessel operators are able to remotely set the master discharge settings from their phone.

The system is also capable of re-starting discharge operations in emergency high-water conditions.

Its bilge discharge control function is expected to assist commercial mariners in complying with necessary maritime and government regulations.

In addition, the company anticipates that the solution will help protect the environment, while offering a compliance enforcement and regulatory solution by providing a cost-effective alternative for discharging bilge water from commercial and charter vessels.

Nautic Alert keeps a log detail of every bilge activity with a corresponding timestamp and GPS to assist in the creation of audit and compliance reports.

The solution has been certified for use on both the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network and the Iridium Global Satellite Network.

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