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Denso unveils new vision sensor to improve driving safety at night

Automotive supplier Denso has developed a new standard vision sensor that can identify different objects during the night, including pedestrians, cyclists, road signs, driving lanes and other vehicles.

Equipped with a millimetre-wave radar sensor, the new vision sensor is capable of automatically activating emergency braking after detecting obstacles, thereby increasing overall safety.

The solution is expected to be a part of the increased adoption of safety technologies that play an important role in the advancement of future mobility.

With a unique lens specifically designed for low-light use and a solid-state imaging device with higher sensitivity, the sensor identifies other road users and different-shaped road signs used in the US, Europe and Japan.

Its white-line detection algorithm and road-edge detection algorithm were also enhanced to expand the operating range of lane-keeping assistance and lane departure alert functions.

The new model exhibits nearly a 40% reduction in size that will facilitate installation process and reduce costs.

The technologies and products developed by Denso are expected to help create a society free from traffic accidents.

Headquartered in Kariya, Aichi prefecture in Japan, Denso focuses on providing advanced technology, systems and components in the fields of electronics, powertrain control, information and safety.

The company’s North American headquarters are based at Southfield in Michigan. It has 28 consolidated subsidiaries and four affiliates across the region.

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