An upgraded dynamic positioning system (DP), ACON control system and the new Rolls-Royce Energy Monitoring system will also be provided under the deal.

The Rolls-Royce solutions will be used to upgrade the environmental quotient of the PSVs, which are owned by SEACOR Marine Holding and China Cosco Shipping Group’s newly formed joint venture (JV), SEACOSCO.

SEACOSCO will add the PSVs to its current fleet following the upgrade works.

Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine Digital and Systems director Asbjørn Skaro said: “These are advanced and modern ships, and we strongly believe that the new energy system on-board will make them stand out from the crowd in the market.

“They will receive an upgrade that benefits both the environment and the economic efficiency of the ships.”

The PSVs are based on Rolls-Royce’s UT 771 WP design and are equipped with Wave Piercing bow characteristics, which are intended to reduce wave resistance during rough conditions to offer a smoother ride compared to traditional configurations.

The Wave Piercing bow design also helps reduce fuel consumption and increase overall safety on-board.

Rolls-Royce previously provided an extensive package of ship equipment and systems for integration on-board the vessels that are currently being prepared for environmental upgrade works.