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Bahrain International Airport opens Containerised Data Centre

It is part of the Airport Modernisation Programme (AMP), which is currently underway.

The CDC will increase the data capacity of the airport. It is operated and managed by BAC.

CDC is a portable and scalable facility, which has been designed to host critical airport information systems that can be placed in any location where data capacity is required.

Bahrain Airport Company CEO Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah said: “The AMP is much more than just an expansion of the airport passenger capacity. It is a complete modernisation of its operations, facilities and critical infrastructure, aimed at increasing the airport’s contributions to the growth of our local economy.

“This makes the CDC an essential component of the ICT infrastructure and disaster recovery plans, as it is based on flexibility in managing hundreds of internal and external processes at the airport, which will enhance the ICT operational efficiency and reliability.”

Designed, supplied and implemented by Gulf Business Machines (GBM), the CDC delivers a number of benefits over traditional data centres.

To provide flexibility and speed, CDC is equipped with network connections, storage, servers, power lines, monitoring units, fire detection units, software, security and a cooling facility.

The centre also features all other components that are typically found in a modern data centre.

Its portability allows branches or remote locations to obtain additional capacity by redeploying it where necessary.

Gulf Business Machines Bahrain general manager Abdulla Ishaq said: “The completed project delivers a state-of-the-art solution built to the highest standards and recognised worldwide.

“This is crucial as the CDC hosts critical airport operations systems and we are confident that this site will be a showcase to both regional and international communities.”

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