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Spain’s Metro Bilbao to upgrade control centre

The project also involves the construction of a new back-up centre at Talleres de Ariz in Basauri, which is expected to be operational by the end of next year.

Following the upgrades, the control centre will be able to continue of services during any incident, as well as address other issues faced by urban mass transportation network.

Thales has been associated with the Bilbao Metro system for more than two decades.

The long association will enable Thales to design the new centre based on the specific traffic density conditions and passenger flow patterns of the network as well as ensure maximum efficiency of the system.

Metro Bilbao’s Centralised Control Station is responsible for monitoring and management of all daily operations. It includes four different areas of remote control: traffic, energy, fixed installations and communications.

The centre will also include a new driver management module to optimise shift planning and staff resource allocation.

Furthermore, the centre manages new traffic functions, which have been developed specifically to address the unique nature of the city’s metro system. The Bilbao metro system comprises two lines that merge into a single one forming a complex ‘Y’ intersection.

Within the new functionalities, automatic train numbering monitoring will be initiated.

The overall upgrade programme is expected to be completed in two years.

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