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FleetWatch Systems Partners With LifeSaver to Launch Its Newest Fleet Safety Program to Target Distracted Driving

FleetWatch Systems and mobile app solution LifeSaver have launched the new ‘Cell Restrict’ solution in a bid to combat distracted driving among commercial drivers who are at particular risk of involvement in serious accidents.

The drivers are prone to risk due to disproportionately long hours on the road and high mileages.

Using Cell Restrict, fleet managers will be able to monitor cell phone use and ensure that their companies’ driving safety policies are being properly followed.

The solution builds on LifeSaver’s success in changing driver behaviour and extends its distracted driving solution to FleetWatch’s extensive customer base.

This ensures a significant positive impact on overall road safety.

FleetWatch principal Darryl Tolentino said: “Making or receiving cell phone calls can take any driver’s attention off the road with sometimes tragic results.

“No less than 38% of calls made to our 1-800 HowsMyDriving.com call centre are reporting commercial drivers who are distracted by their phones, so we know this is a real problem.”

Last year, traffic accidents in the US witnessed a significant 7.2% rise, bringing the number of resulting deaths to more than 35,000.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration experts, one in ten traffic fatalities are caused by distracted driving.

Tolentino further added: “Last year’s terrifying collision statistics serve as an overdue wake-up call and our corporate and fleet customers have

been desperately looking for enhanced safety measures.”

“Cell Restrict now offers them an efficient yet cost-effective means of monitoring their drivers’ safety and cutting the risk of distracted driving accidents.”

LifeSaver co-founder Ted Chen said that the partnership will provide an opportunity to solve the distracted driving problem for commercial drivers throughout North America.

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