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No more searching for parking spaces. The Volkswagen Group tests autonomous parking at Hamburg Airport

Volkswagen Group, along with Audi and Porsche, is carrying out a series of tests to demonstrate autonomous car parking at Hamburg Airport in Germany.

Carried out in partnership between the Volkswagen Group and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the tests at the airport are based on a car park map that allows the vehicles to navigate their way to a parking space on their own.

The vehicles will receive orientation from pictorial markers installed in the multi-storey car park.

The autonomous car parking function is expected to be made available to some initial Volkswagen Group vehicles by 2020.

Volkswagen Group chief digital officer Johann Jungwirth said: “Autonomous parking can make an important contribution to creating convenient, stress-free mobility for our customers.

“We therefore want to democratise the technology and make it accessible to as many people as possible.”

Volkswagen noted that autonomous parking will be rolled out at the airport in stages.

In the first stage, the function is expected to be deployed at selected multi-storey car parks in an exclusive traffic flow, including separate areas of the car park that are not accessible to people.

The next stage will launch autonomous parking in mixed traffic areas, allowing vehicles to park and move autonomously in the same areas of the car park as cars with drivers.

To allow the vehicles to park autonomously, Volkswagen will equip the cars with an active surroundings recognition system.

The system will be designed to recognise objects and react accordingly, whether that’s by going around them, braking, or stopping completely.

Vehicles will also feature a sensor set that includes ultrasound, radar, cameras, and other equipment. The data collected by the sensors will be processed in a central control unit in the car.

Additionally, Volkswagen is demonstrating an integrated concept at Hamburg Airport that systematically focuses on the customers and their needs.

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