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Smart rail gate solution for freight transport to be developed

Indra is working on the design and development of a smart rail gate that can digitally identify cars and loading units transported in railroad terminals.

Use of the new technology is expected to improve capacity, reliability and punctuality of rail freight transport by 10%.

The project will be completed within the FR8Hub R&I project (real-time information applications and energy efficient solutions for rail freight).

Indra has planned to transfer the functionality of its free-flow identification and electronic toll collection gantry for highways to rail traffic applications. This solution, which is used for real-time automatic detection and classification of vehicles, will now be used to identify railcars and goods.

Equipped with laser sensors and capable of capturing high-resolution images, the solutions will be complemented with new sensors, such as electronic tags with RFID technology, and specific algorithms to identify rolling stock.

Indra is also working to define the management system of the railroad goods network in order to enhance the transport system’s tactics and operational planning.

Under the FR8Hub project, a multimodal data exchange platform will be developed involving associated entities in goods transport.

It will make all information available to the operator regarding the types of goods to arrive, and then accordingly facilitate the decision-making process.

Defining the network management system will enable Indra to develop its DaVinci TMS system, an advanced rail traffic management platform and integrate it into the transport of goods via rail.

This adaptation, along with other developments, would allow the DaVinci system to be integrated with the new intermodal data exchange platform to identify additional functionalities for planning and operation of goods in railroad lines, terminals and warehouses.

With the digitisation of all information, the network management system is expected to improve visibility and traceability of the flow of loads and enable greater coordination between all parties in the terminal.

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