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BuroHappold and Farrells announced as partners for the new Protecting Urban Spaces Feature UK Security Expo 2018

[LONDON 05FEBRUARY 2018]Consultants BuroHappold Engineering and lead architect Farrells join Former Home Office Engineer,Roger Cumming to deliver the new Protecting Urban Spaces featureat UK Security Expo 2018.

Theexciting new feature will take centre stage at the show focusing onlarge scale threats and the protection of people & buildings in the ‘public realm’. The area will be split intotwoscenarios; a landscaped plaza to the left and a park setting to the right. Each will provide an open space for live demonstrations and allow visitors to step into the demonstratorto experience a variety of physical security equipmentfirst hand in real life context.

Andrew Sieradzki, Director, BuroHappold comments,“BuroHappold are really excited to support the UK Security Expo in this unique opportunity to design and be involved in this free form public realm demonstrator. We will be using our extensive experience of designing safe and secure spaces within the public realm to now immerse exhibition visitors in how we work to ensure an engineered solution is integrated into a well formed architectural public space.”

Nigel Bidwell a Partner at Farrells also adds, “In the last two decades there has been a particular focus on the improvement of the public realm in our cities, making them more liveable, walkable and inclusive. The safety of public spaces is critical to their functionality and Farrells are delighted to explore the opportunities for integration of security measures and creating great places for people to enjoy.”

Each scenario within the urban spaces feature will have arealisticbackdrop withscreens showing authenticfilmed content, and products set out to allow companies to demonstrate physical and technological solutions which can help protect them. Products displayed will include Perimeter Fencing, Street Furniture, Cycle Rack, Bollards, Street Lighting, Planters, CCTV, Mass Screening Cameras and Video Analytics.
Alongside will be a Command & Control Room where the feeds from the feature ie CCTV and Surveillance will display on a live video wall. The exhibition hall walkways will also be used as ‘footpaths’ toblend the feature into the surrounding footfall areas of the show.

Demonstrations will include:

  • Protection provided to pedestrians from a mixture of threatsie vehicles
  • Protection to people from someone or a ‘party’ of people with hand carried weapons


  • Protection of buildings from a blast or ‘ramming’ event


  • Protection to the public from events that lead to crowding


Nicola Greenaway-Fuller, the Managing Director of Nineteen Events who run the UK Security Expo said, “This feature will bring physical security to life and givevisitors a real understanding of the technologies that are available all of the time and in particular inresponse to an incident.


A formal Request for Participation (RFP) will be issued and it is anticipated that interest will be very high.If you want to register your interest in getting involved early then please enter your details at website at



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