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Sinocloud Wisdom Presents Brand New AI Check-in Robot at Airport Show 2018

Sinocloud Wisdom (Beijing) Technology has revealed its new artificial intelligence (AI) technology-powered check-in and baggage drop-off robot at the 18th Dubai Airport Show.

The robot, which carries out tasks automatically, uses AGV technology to avoid any obstacles and transports bags to the baggage handling area.

Passengers scan their passport, put their bags in the robot, and go straight to the security checkpoint.

Travellers can check in and drop their bags off from anywhere in the airport with the robot, instead of looking for the check-in desk.

Sinocloud believes that the new robot will accelerate the check-in process and decrease the workload of the check-in staff at airports.

Sinocloud Wisdom CEO Li Xin said: “Using AI technology, we present our Smart Airport Solution to improve the service of the airport. We keep focusing on optimising customer experience by creating a convenient, non-interference check-in environment.

“Our smart airport equipment helps the airport to adapt to a growing number of passengers, as well as to upgrade their performance.”

Additionally, the Chinese airport security firm will also showcase an Intelligent Check-in Counter at the Airport Show.

The modern check-in counter combines various practical functions, including facial recognition, height-adjustable desk, automatic acquisition of baggage weighing information, advertisement display and intelligent notifications.

It has been designed to help decrease workload, as well as improving efficiency, service and security level of the airport.

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