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‘Global opportunities at the Port of Oakland’ projects awarded $187 million in gas tax grants

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) has announced it will award $187 million in grants to the Port of Oakland to construct two projects — the 7th Street Grade Separation (East) project, and the Fright Intelligent Transportation System.
The two projects are part of the “Global Opportunities at the Port of Oakland” (GoPort) initiative, a selection of programs made to improve the truck and rail access at the port.
The 7th Street Grade Separation Project (East), which has been awarded $175 million, aims to replace an existing railroad underpass to increase clearance for trucks and alleviate a major chokepoint for intercontinental rail and drayage trucks.
A second allocation of $12.4 million has been given to develop a Freight intelligent Transportation System (ITS), a technology system to manage truck arrivals, improve incident response and connection to regional smart corridor systems.
The ITS project will include backbone communications infrastructure and systems integration, and lays the technological foundation to support future developments in truck and connected vehicle technologies.
The two projects together are set to improve freight efficiency at the port, as well as expanding the ports market and operational competitiveness and support economic development on a local, regional and national level.
The GoPort program was identified as a priority in both the Alameda County and the Metropolitan Transport Commissions’ Goods Movement Plan.
Chair Supervisor of the Alameda County Transport Commission, the port’s local transport authority, Richard Valle said: “These projects will improve reliability of travel time and access throughout the Port of Oakland, increasing efficiency, while reducing congestion and air quality impacts on the local community and eliminating truck back-ups onto local streets.
“They also support increased use of rail, which is a key part of the region’s and county’s goods movement strategy.”
Executive Director of the Port of Oakland, J. Christopher Lytle, commented: “Collectively the GoPort projects will significantly improve the port efficiencies, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the port in the global market while also significantly reducing impacts to the local community.”

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