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The items now banned on Australian flights

The Government of Australia is set to introduce a new regulation that will restrict passengers from flying with powdered items in carry-on baggage at airports.
Slated to come into force from 30 June, the new rule will restrict both international, as well as domestic flyers carrying powder with them.
Under the new security policy, all powders will have to be submitted separately for inspection at the international security checkpoint.The rules apply to everything from cosmetics, such as powdered foundation or blush, to baby formula, sugar, spices and ground coffee.Further restrictions will be applicable to ‘inorganic powders’, which the government defines as “a powder not consisting of, or derived from, living matter”, such as salt, talcum powder and sand.
Once the rules become effective, such powdered items can only be allowed through the checkpoint, if passengers carry them in a container no larger than 350mml or 350g.
Additionally, the rule has limited the total quantity of inorganic powder at 350 millilitres or 350g one can carry. However, no restriction has been imposed on the number of containers of inorganic powder one person can carry.
The limitations only apply to cabin baggage. Passengers carrying such powders more than the permitted limit are advised to put them in their checked bag.

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