Tuesday , February 20 2018
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Cameras in Action

MG² is a leading manufacturer in accessible surveillance hardware. Its systems are in place around the world, and in a variety of different situations. In this white paper, MG² presents a series of images which demonstrate the range of applications its systems are used in. Download this free white paper ...

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IPR30C Speed Information Panel (Speed Sign)

Speed sign, or speed measuring panel, is a piece of equipment which displays to passing drivers his/her actual speed. Knowing the local speed limit, the driver normally (70% of the time) slows down. Besides the road safety function, the equipment is also collecting traffic data such as: Maximum speed peaks ...

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SLIM_LED4 – Lighting System for Pedestrian Crossings

The idea of implementing a new solution is based on the unsatisfactory lighting of pedestrian crossings in the Czech Republic, but also in the neighbouring states of the former Eastern Bloc. The basic principles of the so-called positive contrast, in other words, lighting the object that one is supposed to ...

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Erosion Protection

Maccaferri MacMat® R is a three dimensional, permanent geomat that provides surface reinforcement, stops erosion and promotes revegetation. An integral steel mesh reinforces the geomat, significantly increasing the tensile strength of the mat, enhancing its erosion protection and shear resistance capacity when compared to unreinforced erosion protection mats. MacMat® R ...

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EvoX fully integrated ANPR/CCTV Camera

Building on the success of the Evo8 intelligent camera, CA Traffic has re-written the ANPR rulebook with the launch of EvoX. The camera incorporates the latest image processing and communications technology in a highly modular design. This allows functionality to be tailored to individual end user requirements at the optimum ...

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