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Cambridgeshire Guided Busway, United Kingdom

The Cambridgeshire Guided Busway project is a new public transport scheme inaugurated in the UK in August 2011. The route runs from Cambridge to St Ives and on to Huntingdon, a distance of around 25km, making it the longest in the world. The busway also provides links to Cambridge for ...

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Drammen Bridge, Drammen, Norway

The 1,842m-long, four-lane bridge on the E-18 highway, Norway, is the fourth bridge across the Drammen River. The new hollow-box girder bridge, as part of the extensive road-widening programme in and around Drammen, was built next to the existing Drammen Bridge and was open to the public by December 2006. ...

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Cesena Automatic Underground Parking System, Italy

The late 1990s saw the first commercial installation of a brand new, completely automated parking system. TREVIPARK was a new construction and engineering development that provided an alternative parking system ideally suited for use in inner city and urban settings. The TREVIPARK system solves many of the traditional problems associated ...

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Munich Automated Underground Parking System, Germany

Munich has some encountered problems with city streets that are commonplace right across Germany and the rest of Europe – that is, historic cities where there are narrow streets and a congestion problem due to the parking of cars. The City of Munich (investor was Landeshauptstadt München) decided in 2004 ...

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El Bicho Tunnel, Tenerife Island, Spain

The El Bicho Tunnel is located in the Santiago del Teide Valley of Tenerife Island, the largest and most populous of the Canary Islands in Spain. El Bicho is a twin tunnel, passing 1km through the Hoia Mountain. The construction of the first pipe of El Bicho Tunnel was completed ...

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