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Panolin Stella Maris FAQ

PANOLIN STELLA MARIS is a fully synthetic, high-performance, readily biodegradable, non-toxic lubricant made from saturated esters, specifically developed for Stern Tubes. It is combined with high-grade anti-wear additives, is zinc-free and is environmentally friendly. PANOLIN STELLA MARIS is a 100% saturated synthetic ester-based stern tube lubricant, and is part of ...

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Energy Efficiency Audits on Ships

This article outlines the impact of a variable speed generation system on a ship’s energy performance figures, analysing electrical and hydrodynamic issues. Energy efficiency is probably one of the most important technological topics of this decade in the shipping and shipbuilding industries. The goal of energy audits is to identify ...

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Robust Fire Doors for Marine Environments

Our doors are engineered with decades of real life experience from some of the world’s most harsh marine environments in the North Sea and Arctic waters. All products offered by Rapp Bomek meet high-quality requirements. Our experience, combined with machine flexibility, enables optimisation of solutions to suit individual client needs. ...

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WEKA Unique Boxcoolers

Why use the negative heat created by an artificial cooling water system when you can use the cooling capacity of the ocean to do the work? WEKA Boxcoolers®, or tube heat exchangers, offer a robust system with a simple design that operates efficiently, even under high ambient conditions. Although these ...

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Welding and Power Solutions for Shipyards

Several MX350 welding modules can be powered by either an electric power-source or an engine-driven power source for DC positive stick, MIG, and SubArc welding processes. With the new ProHeat™ 35 induction heating system, joints can be rapidly and uniformly heated for preheat or stress-relief with minimal setup and instruction ...

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Marine Distress Signals

Pains Wessex, a world leading manufacturer of pyrotechnics for the commercial and leisure marine markets, has been saving lives around the globe for more than a century. Our comprehensive range of marine distress signals and safety systems are trusted for their reliability by the world’s navies, lifeboat and rescue services, ...

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